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Electronic Gold Prospecting
"Nugget Shooting", "Nugget Hunting"

"Nugget Hunting", "Nugget Shooting" are common terms used amongst metal detector enthusiasts to describe the art of prospecting for gold nuggets with a metal detector. Nugget hunting is a field of gold prospecting and mining, in which a prospector uses a specialized electronic gold nugget detector to search for gold nuggets and gold deposits near the ground's surface.

Do to the past rapid advancements in computer technology, today's manufacturers are able to tap into more advance digital technology and computer technology to advance their metal detector technology. This has resulted in advancements in many areas of metal detection technologies including gold nugget detection. Electronic gold prospecting has benefited and has become more popular. The gold prospecting metal detector is an effective tool to discover shallow gold nuggets, placer gold, pay streaks, reef gold, and fine specimens in rivers, dry river beds, mines, beaches, and old mine tailings to just mention a few.

There is gold yet  to be discovered on earth. One major key factor most people don't think about when thinking about gold is the simple fact that the historic "gold rushes" of the past where during a time when technology was still relatively  primitive. The "Old-Timer" prospector of the gold rush days had to use the technology of the day which was limited to human eye sight. The methods used to enhance their eye sight detection were commonly  a pick, shovel, and gold pan. They also could have also used a dry wash and screening method to help look though the rocks and dirt to fine small gold pieces. All these methods where all manual hard work. Gold recovery was low due to poor equipment design and stress on the body and mine busting rock and shoveling heavy dirt. Therefore, many of the gold bearing areas of the past gold rush days have been left baring searched. The old timers gave up in search of new "know" gold discoveries or simply gave up do to health, lack of money to continue, etc. Today, these gold areas are prime potentials for the modern electronic prospector.

To think the gold rush days were the only time anyone could have found gold is foolish. There is a very high potential for future gold discoveries around the world and in places where gold was already recovered. I have had this theory since the early days of my youthful interest in gold mining and prospecting. I had done my research reading books on the subject as well as visiting museums and old gold towns of the gold rush days in western United States. The best story that supports my theory is the story of the "Welcome Stranger" gold nugget. The nugget was discovered at Moliagul, Victoria, Australia by Deason & Oates many years after the area was left by the gold rush miners and prospectors. The Welcome Stranger is the world's largest natural gold nugget discovered. <details>.

A more recent fine is the world's second largest natural gold nugget found in Western Australia weighing 819 ounces (25.5 kgs) in 2000.

Gold is where you find it. Simple fact of life. Gold is a basic element on earth and is found throughout the earth. Gold has been found in 39 states of the United States. If you are interested in finding gold without to much research and luck, then look where gold has been found before. Modern gold nugget metal detectors can now detect fine pieces of gold down to the size of a pin's head.

Resources, Training, Equipment

We carry a full line of gold prospecting metal detectors and gold prospecting support equipment; everything from water filters and tents, to portable gold recovery tools.

Interested in a real adventure?

Consulting is available. Tag-along prospecting expeditions to the famous rich Central Victoria Gold Fields of Australia. Tag along gold prospecting to Nome, Alaska, and western United States.

Gold Nugget Sales

Gold nuggets are rare natural treasure not commonly discovered. Today many people are discovering the pleasure of owning a gold nugget or starting a collection of nuggets and crystal specimens discovered in different parts of the world. Places rich in gold rush history add to the appeal of gold nuggets recovered from those areas. Gold nugget jewelry has long been an attraction to many, being that each piece is one-of-a-kind. Natural gold nuggets are formed by nature and are uncommon occurrences on earth.


I am making available gold nuggets discovered in famous gold bearing regions of the world.

  • Central Victoria Goldfields of Australia. Natural nuggets of that area range are high grade purity gold - 23K purity (24 being the top).

  • Nome, Alaska of U.S.A.

Natural gold nuggets are available on a random basis due to their rare occurrences of discovery. Please email for details and your inquiries of current availability.

Gene Casanova

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