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Park Bike Trails location map

Remote, Comfortable, Relaxing Paved Trail Through The Wilderness, With A Great Lake View!

Milwaukee / Waukesha County Bike Trails

>>>> Easy To Get To, Parking, Groomed Paved Trails

>>>> Hour Ride Or A Several Hour Personal Challenge!

Enjoy The Exercise ---- It Is Very Beneficial ---- Enjoy The Feeling Of Well Being After The Ride.

Waukesha County Parks System Maintains 26 Miles of Scenic, Peaceful Recreational Escape.  Several Dedicated Trails Are Open To Various Users, Including Hikers, Bike Riders, Runners, Snowshoeing, Cross Country Skiing, And Some Open To Horseback riders!


Waukesha Trails

As Time Allows, I Plan To Develop A Proper Trail Information Center.  Volunteer Trail Enthusiasts Are Encouraged To Show Off Their personal Accomplishments Here, By Sharing With Us, Your Trails Photographs, And Collected Data From Bike Computers, And GPS Data; Tracks, Waypoints, Routes.


This Is A New Project For 2006/. Please Share Your GPS Data.   Please Mark Public Access Points, Public Toilets, Drinking Water Fountains, Hand Washing Point, Equipment Washing Facet, Food Stores, Fast Food, Energy Food Source, Public Parking Area, Emergency Facilities Near By, Resting Bench, Vertical Hill Climb Proximity Waypoint, And Anything Point-Of-Interest; Including Points Of Photo Opportunities, Views, Nature, Historic, Etc.

As GPS Data And Photographs Are Collected, And Refined, GPS System Files Will Become Available For Download, For Use Within Popular Consumer GPS Devices.


RENT A TRAIL GPS - We Offer Bike, Hands-Free Wrist And Handheld Trail GPS Systems For Rent - 4 Hours, Day, Weekend, Week, Or An Entire Road Trip Or Other Travels!



The Lake Country Recreation Trail is located on the former Milwaukee - Watertown Interurban Railway.

It was popular in the late 1800's as a direct link between Waukesha and the Oconomowoc lake country. A 8-mile recreation trail now utilizes the Wisconsin Electric Power Company right-of-way.  It stretches between the Landsberg Center trailhead (just north of I-94 on Golf Road, west of C.T.H. T) and Cushing Park in the City of Delafield.

Waukesha County Park System Lake Country Trail Map - This Image Supplied By Park System

The Above Map Is Supplied By The Waukesha Park System.  I Am Developing A More Proper Trail Map For The Lake Country Trail.   Bookmark This Page.

Want To Help Build Better Trail Maps?  Email Us With Your GPS Log File, Or, Join In The Fun Of Mapping Wisconsin Trails.  Free Mapping Lessons Available At Our Brookfield Computer Lab.  We Rent Bike Computers With GPS-Enabled Live Moving Map Display of Your Location.  We Have Plans To Develop A Universal GPS-Compatible Trail Route Files, And Maps.

TRAIL NOTE: Please Note This Trail Is Poorly Marked In Two Major Locations, Where The Trail Disappears Onto Local Streets Without Proper Trail-Indicating And Trail-Direction Sign Posts. For This Reason, I Feel Its Necessary To Map The Course For Our Customers And Share It Here.  The Latest In Consumer GPS Technology Including The Newly Introduced GPS Bike Computer Technology In 2006, Will Be Used In Mapping Along With All The Latest Leading Mapping Software Tools And Technologies.  As A Foremost Authoritative On GPS And Mapping Technologies Today, I Am Offering This Service Free Of Charge At This Time.  And, I ask For Volunteers To Join In The Excitement And Challenge Of Mapping These Trails And Trails Around Wisconsin; And The World. 



The Bugline Recreation Trail is a 12.2-mile trail located on the former Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Pacific Railroad right-of-way.

At present, it stretches between Appleton Ave (S.T.H 175) in Menomonee Falls and Main Street (C.T.H. VV) in the Village of Merton.  A separate 4' wide bridle trail adjacent to the original 8' wide recreation trail extends 2.5 miles from The Ranch in Menomonee Falls to Menomonee Park where it joins the Park bridle trails.

Park Bugline Bike Trail map



The New Berlin Recreation Trail is a 7-mile lineal recreation trail located on the Wisconsin Electric Power Company right-of-way in the City of New Berlin.

It extends from South 124th Street just south of Greenfield Ave. (S.T.H. 59) at the Milwaukee/ Waukesha County Line to Springdale Road in Waukesha.

The New Berlin Trail connects to the Milwaukee Oak Leaf Bike Trail in Greenfield Park.  A connection to the State DNR Glacial Drumlin Trail is possible by using city streets through Waukesha.
New Berlin Park Trail map


Randonneuring Wisconsin


Thinking About Riding An Entire Trail?

A Little Secrete, After Riding For About 1 Hour, The Body Kicks Into Using Reserve Fat Energy, Providing A Feeling Of Renewed Energy!  It's Amazing! Up Till That 1 Hour Mark, The Feeling Of Dieing And Running Completely Out Of Energy Hits, Then It's Like A Light Switch Was Turned On.  A Feeling Of Renewed Energy Hits The Body And A Ride Becomes An All Day Event; For Myself And A Few Riders I Know, Who Have Taken On The Long Distance Personal Challenge.

Feeling Down?  Get On A Bike Trail And Ride At Your Own Pace!  In Minutes The Body's Chemistry Changes.  Enjoy Feeling More Alive!  After A Great Bike Ride, The Feeling Of Well Being Can Be Enjoyed.

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Modern Bike Computers & GPS Enabled Bike Computers

I have been enjoying the many outstanding benefits of having a GPS system along during bike rides.  In 2006, The Garmin GPS DeveloperAnd Manufacturer Introduced The First Bike Dedicated GPS-Enabled Bike Computer.  In Previous Years They Introduced The First, GPS-Enabled Personal Lifestyle Map And Address-Directory Device, Which Proved To Be An Outstanding Bike Computer; After Many Of My Own Field Test Rides Around Milwaukee. Today, fitness riders, commuting by bike, and trail riders can benefit from using our selection of GPS devices for bikes.

Quest The Ultimate Personal Accessory

Complete Detailed Live Moving Street Map, Complete Trip Computer, Satellite Synchronized Time, Mark Your Parked Car, Mark The Beginning Of The Trail (Trailhead) And Know Where You Are At All Times With Accurate Nuclear Clock Synced Time Anywhere On Earth!  A Pocket Vehicle Navigation System With Clear Digitally Recorded Voice While On The Road, A Handheld Sidewalk walking System, A Bike Mounted System, A On Water Navigation Aid, And More.  Enjoy Marking A Starting Point, Then Going Off And Exploring In Complete Confidence - Seeing Your Position Live On The Map And A Dotted Line Trail Where You Have Gone!  When It's Time To Turn Around, Simply View The Live Map, Or Choose To Select The Guidance System To Point Turn-By-Turn The Way Back To The Parked Car!  Logs The Entire Trip, Trail, etc. With Riding Speed, Rest Speed, Altitude, Positions, Your Marked Water Sources, Toilets, Food, etc.  While On The Trail Or Move, Enjoy Looking Up Water Sources, Toilets, And Food Sources Using The Directory And The Power Of The Onboard Computer To Search The Closes Locations To Your Present Potision And Display Distance And Time To Each, And In Order Of Closet First!  Fantastic!  Explore Further With Confidence When Professionally Outfitted And Supported By Casanova's!  Trusted Since 1930.

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Trail Equipment For Personal Fitness And Exploration Seminar Rides

Come Along For A Trail Ride And Learn About The Benefits of Using GPS When Trail Exploring, And Other Bike Riding.   One-On-One Or A Small Group Ride, Enjoy The Use Of FRS Wireless 2-Way Radios And Enjoy A Ride Along One of These Trails Using Your Choice In The latest GPs technology Today For Bikes.  Learn About Personal Hydration, Hydration Systems, Tips On Energy Food, And Consideration When Preparing To Take On Any Trail For Maximum Personal Comfort, And Bigger Than Life Experiences And Memories!

Trail Riding Partners / Bike Touring Australia And Tasmania

Want To Take On Some Serious Remote Trails?  Enjoy Wisconsin Backcountry Trails And World Heritage Bike Touring In Tasmania And Australia.   Assistance For Trip Planning, Companion Traveler, And Group Travel Available.

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