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Adventurer's Tarp Wear |Premium


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The Real Deal tarp hat
Brizilian Village Style - Cooling Function And Cool Personal Style 
Hole Patch Rough Stitching Repair Areas
CASANOVA'S - TRUSTED OUTFITTER, DEALER, SERVICE, SINCE 1930 100% Recycled Materials - 100% Future Recycleable

The Real Deal Tarp Hat 2018 | BRAZIL TARP HAT


Key Feature100% Adventure
Key Feature100% Comfort
Key Feature100% Recycled Brazil Cargo Truck Tarp
Key FeatureMystique History
Key FeatureHand Made By Local Village People In Brazil
Key FeatureEnjoy A Very Unique Piece of Brazilian Adventure
Key FeatureUltralight, Body-Cooling Shading, Great Comfort, Great Adventurous Look
Key FeatureWide Brim Face & Neck Covering-Protection ----- UV Sun Ray Shielding Shading, Rain Runoff Cover!
Key FeatureShapeable Brim
Key FeatureStyle It Your Way!.... But Do Not Take Care Of It, It Will Take Care Of You!

Brizilian Village Style - Cooling Function And Cool Personal StyleHandmade In Brazil By Villagers, Of Recycled Commercial-Grade Heavy-Duty Canvas Tarpaulins From Cargo Trucks Used For Transporting Goods. Every Hat Is Truly Unique, With A Story, A History, Wear Stains, Tares, Patches, Even Portuguese Writing ---- No Two The Same. Each Hat Has Its Own Unique Character. Made From Various Colors Of Tarp, These Hats May Have Patches, Seams Holes, Or Even Portuguese Writing. These Hats Are Hand Sewn By Brazilian Villagers And Reflect The True Craftsmanship Of The Locals.

Because The Tarpaulins Were Designed To Protect Its Contents From The Rough Elements In Brazil, They Make Perfect Covers To Shield Your Cabeca (Portuguese for head) From The Hot Summer Sun.  Every Characteristic Of THE REAL DEAL Tells A Story Of Its Prior Life Lived As A Lonely Truck Tarp And Reveals Its Journeys Through The Harsh Elements In Equatorial Brazil.  Most Likely The Fabric In THE REAL DEAL Traveled From The Amazon To S? Paulo And Back Again.

Don't Take Care of This Hat, It Will Take Care Of You!

The Real Deal Tarp Hat These Hats Are The Real Deal.

Get Your Own!

The Real Deal tarp hat

My New "Real Deal" Brazilian Hat Made Of Recycled Brazilian Tarps!

The Team At 'THE REAL DEAL BRAZIL' Sent Us A Cool Tarp Hat Handmade In Brazil.  Yes, Made From Recycled Commercial Truck Tarps That Have Cross The Exotic Brazilian Jungle Backcountry.  My Own Little Piece Of Brazil With A Colorful Story Of Mystique.

Brizilian Village Style - Cooling Function And Cool Personal Style The Hat Looks Cool And Already Has Gone To Work Protecting My Head, And Shading My Face From The Blazing Sun In Brookfield Wisconsin; While Doing A Photo-Shoot Of The Equally As Cool And Fun, Unique Campfire Cooking System.  This Hat Has A Unique Look, Is Very Lightweight, Has A Comfortable Perfect Fit, With An Exceptional Cooling Effect In The Direct Hot Sunlight!

I Can See This Hat On The Trail, Camping, Canoeing, Trekking, Fishing, And Working Around The Yard; On The Farm, Ranch; On The Job, At The Fly-In, Fair, And Out And About On The Town!  Very Functional Protection Cooling The Head, Which In Turn Cools The Body.  When Kayaking, The Wide Brim Protects My head From The Water Thrown By The paddle Blade And The Occasional Seaweed Gunk!

My Cool Hat Came With A Personal Story, Silkscreened Inside The Top ---- Your Hat Is Crafted From Recycled Tarps Of Brazilian Cargo Trucks In An Attempt To Cut Down On The Wasting Of Resources.  Most Likely The Fabricate In Your Hat Has Traveled From The Amazon To Sao Paulo And Back Again. So Don't Take Care Of This Hat; It Will Take Care Of You.  There Is Nothing You Ca Do To This Hat That Hasn't Been Done Before, So Go Agead, Take On The Worst, And Do It With The Smug Satisfaction Of Knowing Your Hat Is.... The Real Deal.  How Cool Is That!

The Hat Fits Well, And Is Very Clean As If New Virgin Materials Were Used; But Way Cooler!

If You Are In Need Of A Functional Hat, I Suggest Considering Selecting Your Own Unique One-Of-A-Kind Piece Of Brazil.  A Wonderful Conversation Piece, With Its Own Unique Story Of Mystique.  Choose Your Style.... Want Some Extra Character?  Look To The Patched, Torn, And Printed Portuguese Printed Tarps!

Used Truck Tarps Pilling Up In Small Towns In Brazil Going To Waste 100% Recycled Materials - 100% Future Recycleable

Consider This, You Are Saving Tarps From Being Burned Causing More Global Warming, And You Help Support A Poor Village Economy, And Get A Very Unique One-Of-A-Kind Indigenous Brazilian Art Form, Along With Real Mystique, And A Very Comfortable Functional Hat!

If This Was Done By A Global Brand-Name Seller Corporation, It Would Have A Trendy Price Tag Around $100 USD Or More!

June 7-8 2008; Brookfield WI USA; Monsoon Rain Test ---- Ok, Update: Rain Review ----- Here In Brookfield Wisconsin We Just Endured Two Days Of Wild Storms Filled With Excitement!  It Seemed Like Every 20 Minutes A NOAA Warning Was Going Off; Server Weather; Sever Thunderstorms, Flash Flooding, Tornados..., Over Our Weather Alert Monitors!  So, What A Better Time To Rain-Test THE REAL DEAL!  I Walked Outside In Relatively Mild And Steady Rain Fall....To My Surprise The Hat Was Holding Up... The Tarp Was Soaking Up Rain.  Now I Didn't Stay Out Too Long in The Violent Weather Conditions... So, Please Email Us With Your Hat Experiences And Picture...

If Needed, We Have Exceptional Waterproofing Treatments For Your Hat! Go Amphibious! Perfect For Rain Forests, And Fishing Open waters and Nears Water Falls.......Share Your Hat And Adventure Experience With Us And Other Casanova Adventurers!

How Big Is Your Head?

We Have Small, Medium, Large, And X-Large.  Typically, Women Usually Wear Small.  Men Vary Between Medium And XL.  These Hats Will Stretch A Little Over Time.

Everyone That Comes Across A Real Deal Tarp Hat, Young Or Old, Have Been Absolutely Thrilled With Their Unique Cool Story And Character.  We Encourage Members Of Our Real Deal Club To Submit A Picture Of Themselves Styling Their Real Deal Hat.

Get Your Own Real Deal Brazil Tarp Hat! Tell us what you would like to have in your very own Real Deal, and we'll try and find it.

Brizilian Village Style - Cooling Function And Cool Personal Style - DARK THE REAL DEAL Brazilian Hat Shapeable Brim! The Real Deal tarp hat

Make It Yours!  Fold It, Bend It, Shape It ----- Your Style!   A recycled wire is sewn into the outside edge of the brim - enabling style shaping of your hat ---- Shape into many local and cultural styles.  Aussie Outback, The Texan ....

"The Tex"
Bend Down Front And Roll Sides For This Texan Inspired Look.

"The Ozzie "
Australian Outback Hat - In Honor Of Our Friends Down Under.

"The Flop"
Just let loose. This style requires no
special shaping.  Excellent When Kayaking, Canoeing, Camping, Working outdoors Shielding From The Sun Rays And Heat!

Pinch the center of the front of the brim. Putting your hat on straight couldn't get any easier.

"The Roll"
Roll Up Sides And You'll Be Rollin'.

"The Gomer"
Well, what can we say, if you are feeling particularly goofy bend up just the front.

BRANDING ...... The Original Brand Stamped On The Outside Of The First Produced Hats, As Shown Above, Is Not Put On Current Hats.  New Hats As Sent With A Brand Stamped On The Inside.

Real Brazil Backcountry Character

Hole Patch Rough Stitching Repair Areas

Portuguese Writing
Some Real Deal Brazil tarp hats have Portuguese writing in various places.  Some of it was stamped on the original tarp and some of it is hand written.  Lettering is usually large and makes a bold statement.  It can appear on the brim of the hat, as well as on the crown.


Lifestyle, Safari, Jungle, Western, Outback, Work, Cowboy, Adventure, Kayaking, Canoeing, Camping, Hiking, Gardening

The Real Deal tarp hatFeel Good ......

CLICK HERE - Lifestyle AccessoriesHelping Support A Villager In Brazil's Backcountry
CLICK HERE - Lifestyle AccessoriesProtecting Your World From Building Waste!
CLICK HERE - Lifestyle AccessoriesDreaming Of The Adventures Your Hat Had In Brazil!
CLICK HERE - Lifestyle AccessoriesShaping It Into Your Style; Your Mood...... Have Fun!
CLICK HERE - Lifestyle AccessoriesEnjoy The Surprising Comfort In Sun And Rain.....

Don't Take Care of This Hat, It Will Take Care Of You!

The Real Deal tarp hat Random Used Tarp Colors!

The Writings On The Wall.... err.... Hat!
How About Some Portuguese Writing......... These Are A Little More Rare...... But We Do See A Few Come Through.   The Text Printed On A Tarp Is Typically Too Large To Fit On A Hat!  .....So How About A Few Letters?  Adds A Very Cool And Unique Character, Mystique To Your Hat And Stories To Contemplate Over A Beer Or Water...... Who's Truck Line, Advertising, What Did It Say?  Cool!

Brizilian Village Style - Cooling Function And Cool Personal Style The Real Deal tarp hat

A Very Cool, Adventurous, Unique Piece Of Brazil Backcountry ----

What Size Would You Like? We find women usually wear small. Men vary between medium and large. Since these hats are hand made, they do vary slightly; circumferences are approximately:

Small - 21.5", Medium - 22", Large - 23", X-Large - 23.5".

Sample Hat Arrivals - Pictures

  The Real Deal tarp hat

Get One With Even More Unique Character ......

Hole Patch Tarp Hat Patch How Do You Feel About Patches?
Patches Tell A Story; Spin A Story; Can Really Make Your Real Deal Brazil Truly Yours; ----- Let Us Know If You Would Like A Hat With Patches When Placing Your Order.


Rough Stitching Repair Areas Rough Weathered Frays, HolesWant Holes With That Hat?
If you would like a hat with a few rough areas such as holes, fraying and/or stitching;

----  Let us Know When Placing Your Order.


The Writings On The Wall.... err.... Hat!
How About Some Portuguese Writing - these are a little more rare and very cool.  The text printed on the tarp is usually too large to get a full word, so how 'bout a few letters.  Adds A Very Cool And Unique Character, Mystique To Your Hat ---- Who's Truck Line, Advertising, What Did It Say?

-----Let us Know When Placing Your Order.



Collected For Washing, Brazil Truck Tarps Wait To be Turned Into Adventurer Hats

Greenville, NC, United States
Hi!  The Real Deal Brazil Team is three people who have come together with a mission to make great items out of recycled tarps from cargo trucks.  In Teaming With THE REAL DEAL operation, It's our attempt to cut down on corporate wasting of resources and find genuine people with genuine products to help support, in spreading the word that what may be waste to one person can be something fashionable, functional and useful to someone else.

Used Truck Tarps Pilling Up In Small Towns In Brazil Going To WasteWhile The Team Was Visiting Different Towns In February 2008, They Were Amazed At How Many Tarps That Were Discarded From Trucks.  They met a lot of great people who are willing to make their hats for them out of used car tire wire and tarps from the cargo trucks there.  To think this heavy duty material wasn't being used for anything is just appalling!  We are so glad we can put it to some good use.  Here is a picture of a pile of tarps, one place had.

Everywhere we went, we saw trucks that use tarps to cover their cargo around - this stuff is really used a lot down there.  From what we could gather from people there is that one of the main reasons you see tarps used so much more then a metal covered cargo area, is because of the heat factor! It's so not there that a metal covered bed would be like a death trap and so hard to load and unload stuff. Which this makes perfect sense - it was a 104 degrees in the SHADE while we were there!  Here are two pictures of a truck we saw with the tarp covered bed.

THE REAL DEAL Brazil Amazon Tarp Hats  The picture of the man in yellow, was taken from our passing car during a tour.  I looked to my right and there was this guy, in one of our hats riding a bike.  I took a real quick picture, because to me, I thought it was just pretty cool to see.  Below is a guy cutting out the different parts to make hats.  This guy was amazing to watch, he moved so fast it was like watching a magician work --- A True Skilled Crafted Hat Maker.

Birth Place of THE REAL DEAL ---- YOUR HAT! Real Deal Team

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Ok.... Now That You Selected Your Cool THE REAL DEAL Brazil Backcountry Hat,  Round Off Your Cool Personal Style With The Very Cool And Different, 100% Natural Hemp Sports Watch Bands Made In The United States!

CHISCO Sports Watch Hemp Watchbands - THE BAND HEMP


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