SCUBA Diver's Safety Gear

SCUBA Diver's Rescue Gear

Take The Responsibility For Your Safety And Life!    Ultimately, It's Your Life Lost!




SCUBA Diver's Xenon Safety Strobe; 61m (200 Ft)

  • Higher Visibility When You Need It!
    • Attack Attention!
    • Be Seen!
    • WARN!
    • SIGNAL!
    • Underwater Emergency
    • Surface Emergency

  • Visibility Enhancer - Be Seen Underwater - Keep Track Of Diver's In Group
  • Surface - Be Seen By Dive Boat!
  • Rescue - Be Seen Floating At The Surface!
  • Take Responsibility For Your Safety!
  • 360 Degree High Intensity Xenon Strobe
  • Visible Up To 5km (3 Miles) Above Water
  • Operates on 'AA' Size Batteries
  • Run Time: ACR States Minimum Run Time of 8 Hours Continuous
  • Strap On Using The Two Strap Anchor Points Molded Into The Strobes Housing
  • Approved By: USCG 161.012/29/0; FAA (TSO-C85); CE
  • Floats
  • User-Activation Manual Switch
  • Absolute Basic SCUBA Diver's Personal Safety Gear Responsibly!


#2) Backup To #1 And In Addition To #1

SCUBA Diver's Signaling Whistle & Signaling Mirror

  • Designed To Provide Optimum Sighting "Spot" With Holographic Red Dot Viewing Window
  • Telescopic Second Surface Reflective Mirror
  • Meets USCG Standards For Audio Alerting In Low Visibility Conditions
  • Bright Yellow Float For Easy Recovery
  • Attach To Top Of Gear For Fast Access
  • All Divers Should Have This Attached!


Absolute Minimum SCUBA Diver's Responsibility Signaling Device!


  • Emits A 102db Loud Dual Tone SHRILL!
  • Unique Flat Design Prevents Holding Water
  • Required Gear By SOLAS 83
  • At The Least, Attach One Of These To Your B.C.!   And Don't Forget It's There - Use It To Get Attention; When You Need To !

Avoid Being And Or looking Foolish Or Worst!  Avoid Assuming A Whistle Is A Whistle.  When You Need A Whistle That Works Around Water, Do Not Wait Until A Personal Emergency To Find Out!   Common Sense - This Whistle Has Been Approved By Two Agencies For Use And Designed For Function Around Water Environments !

Buy One For Every Different Major Piece Of Sport Gear Worn During Your Activities Around Or Near Water!  SCUBA BC, Floatation Devices, Kayakers, Rafters, Fishing, Hiking, Downhill Skiers, Snowboarders, Touring Cyclists, Mountain Bikers, ATV Riders, Snowmobiles, Cross Country Skiers, Students, etc.  It's About Personal Safety!

World's Leader In Safety Survival Equipment


  • For Those Of You Foolish Minded SCUBA Divers - READ THIS PLEASE!  Now Is Not The Time To Be Cheap!  This Statement Was Provided On Behalf Of All The Brave Rescue People That Risk Their Own Lives, Trying To Save Foolish or Cheap People!  Brave Rescue people Have Died Besides The Foolish.  So Please, Have The Proper Safety Gear And Respect The Proper Skills Levels Required, And Dangers Of SCUBA Diving!

CASANOVA'S - Experienced Consumer Leadership And Professional Outfitters SINCE 1930

Dive Outfitter Qualifications: Casanova's Dive Equipment Specialist Is Internationally Certified: PADI MASTER SCUBA Diver; PADI Equipment Specialists;  PADI Rescue Diver; Professional Ocean Corp. (CSD-7 ) Commercial SCUBA Diver; Commercial Dive Op. Field Supervisor; Certified Experienced Great Lakes, Fresh Water And Open Ocean  World SCUBA Diver Since 1977.


  • SCUBA Diver's Safety Tip:  This Tip Is Advise based On All The Charter Boat Dives I Have Been On.  Always Make Yourself Well Noticed By The Dive Master, And Rest Of The Boat Crew!  This Increases Your Chances Of Never Being Forgotten and Left Behind In Open Water!   I Have Been To That Point Once!  Fortunately, For The Three Of Us, After Signaling With A Rescue Whistle And Large Neon Green Fins,  The Poorly Operated 'Drift Dive' Charter Boat Crew Found Us Floating Outward Towards The Mouth Of Port Phillip Bay, Australia!

A Year Later, One Of Us Dives On An Australian Dive Charter And Meets Up With A Diver That Was One Of The Divers On The Dive Charter That The New Movie "Open Water" Was Based On, Where To SCUBA Divers Where Left Behind And Forgotten !!  Always Make Sure The Crew Knows You And Remembers You ! !  The 'Open Water' Incident Is Now Proof That You Must Take Full Responsibility For Yourself And You Cannot Rely On Other Divers To Care About Anything But Themselves!   That dive group was as much to blame as the captain, crew and dive master of that charter operation!   I Personally Would Avoid Ever Diving With Any Member Of That Dive Group!   Casanova's Dive Equipment Specialist.


ACR Adds New Popular Firefly? Strobes Now SOLAS Approved !

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--AUGUST 30, 2004-- ACR Electronics, Inc. Introduces the SOLAS Approved Firefly?3, The Newest Emergency Strobe In The Famous Firefly? Series That Has Been Utilized By The Military And NASA For Years; And Thousands of Aviators, Mariners, Divers And Outdoor Enthusiasts.

With An Improved Lamp And Lens Configuration, The Firefly?3 Rescue Light Provides A Brighter Light That Achieves .75 Candela In The Upper Atmosphere In All Directions (Omni-Directional 360?), Which Is Required For USCG And SOLAS Approvals.

The most compact and durable strobe light available on the market today.

Tested to 61 meters (200 feet)--a result of an improved internal design-- the outer dimensions of the Firefly?3 are nearly the same, earning the reputation as the most compact and durable strobe light available on the market today.

Large Sliding Switch Allowing Easy Gloved-Hand Operation!

A newly-designed base allows the Firefly?3 to stand upright easily on a flat surface. And now, when the time comes to replace the unit's two "AA" alkaline batteries, a stainless steel lanyard keeps the removable battery door at hand to prevent it from being dropped or lost.  The Firefly?3 SOLAS strobe features a large sliding switch allowing for easy operation by gloved hands.

Like ALL ACR Products, The Firefly?3 Exceeds The Requirements Set By U.S. Coast Guard and SOLAS.   OCR Claims A Minimum Operational Life of 8 Continuous Hours.  Two 1.5V Dated Lithium Batteries Are Required To Meet SOLAS Approval !

A Rugged, Compact Strobe Light, Measuring 12.0 x 5.6 x 2.5 cm (4.75 x 2.2 x 1.1 in) And Weighs 113 g (4 oz).

The Firefly?3 Ideal Uses:

  • Locator Light

  • Personal Flotation Rescue Light

  • SCUBA Diver's Distress Light

  • SCUBA Diver's Underwater tracking Visibility Enhancement Light - Increases The Dive Groups Chance Of Seeing Each Other's Strobes Making Each Mor3e Aware Of Wear Each Diver Is And Keeping track Of The Group In Dirty Water, Black Water, Night And Day Dives; Lake and Open Ocean!

  • Immersion Suit Light

  • Survival Suite Light

  • Cold/Fold Weather Work Suites For Crew Members - Increase Visibility To Crack Crew On Deck, Emergency Overboard Rescue Light

  • Marking a Location Applications

  • Warning Applications

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